Sunday, February 27, 2011

A message from this blog.

Something's changed around here. According to the Google tracker, my traffic's gone up in recent weeks. In fact, it's gone up dramatically in the past few days. And since I mostly stare in dumb amusement at the map showing where my readers check in from, what I'm struck most by is how geographically dispersed this new readership is. I've got readers in Texas! China! Russia! Belgium! Egypt!

What can it all mean? Are you new readers interested in anecdotes about time spent in North Africa? Do you want to know what I think of labor disputes in Wisconsin? Perhaps you'd like to read one of my few attempts to act like an academic blog.

Oh, God. I hope you're not here to mock! I mean, what if you're reading this right now and snickering at my prose, guffawing at the reductive simplicity of my ideas, the lack of originality in my design? Maybe that's what it is! Perhaps you came here just to see how bad a blog I really am!

Or maybe...

Give me validation!
Maybe you like me. Maybe, right now, you like me. Maybe you really like me!

In any case, I'd love to hear your feedback.


Anonymous said...

Boston hates you. Like really. I'm jealous, you can see where your readers are from? I wish my blog did that.

Joe said...

I read your blog because Ive always enjoyed your views on different issues. Keep them coming....

BJG. said...

Thanks, Joe! I truly appreciate it.
And bydi, I think Boston just loves me so much I come out the other side.